St. Louis County Jailed a Pregnant Woman For 39 Days Because She Refused a Paternity Test

A St. Louis County woman was wrongfully arrested on a civil paternity matter. Her story received national attention after she filed her suit, alleging that she was incarcerated for 39 days after the jail staff & St. Louis County circuit court allowed her to  ‘slip through the cracks.'

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Civil Rights Claims Against the City of Ferguson Following the 2015 Protests over the Shooting of Michael Brown

A St. Louis woman filed suit against the city of Ferguson and Police  Sergeant Harry Dilworth after she was arrested for  attempting to record a traffic stop on her cellphone. Our suit - in partnership with renowned civil rights attorney Steve Ryals - resulted in a settlement with the City of Ferguson.

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City Employees Blindsided by Termination Amid Employment of New Official

Following the passage of Senate Bill 5 in Missouri, municipalities across the state were prevented from using their small courts to generate millions of dollars in revenue from minor citations & over-inflated fines. But some cities didn't want to comply with this shift in individuals' civil rights.

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