The guidelines for child support are established in the Missouri Child Support Guidelines and it is calculated based on each parent's gross income, including all income from any source, whether earned or unearned. We assist clients who do or do not receive court-ordered or Family Support Division-ordered child support.

We are also able to work on issues of enforcing your child support order, including arrears (or back support), contempt, and garnishment.



Custody disputes are difficult for everyone, and oftentimes, the children are left in the middle. We work with parents, Guardians ad Litem (when needed), schools, counselors, therapists, doctors, and other professionals to ensure that your child's best interests - and emotional, mental, and physical health - are protected throughout every stage of the legal process.



Are you considering a divorce, but are unsure of the first steps to take? Let us help you determine, discuss, and weigh your options. We can assist you with a full range of legal issues within the dissolution of marriage realm, including divorce, modifications of divorce decree, orders of protection, child orders of protection, adult abuse orders, division of property (including complex financial, business valuations, and farms), custody agreements, child support, maintenance (alimony), and attorneys' fees.



Guardianships afford certain legal protections for people who can no longer take care of themselves or their legal or financial obligations. Guardianships often are sought on behalf of people who are elderly, incompetent, or disabled, as well as children, in certain situations. A guardian, once appointed by the Court, controls and protects the ward, or his or her assets, and is required to submit an annual report to the Court.

The decision to seek a guardianship for a loved one can be difficult. Our office will review your individual situation with a compassionate, holistic approach to help you determine if a guardianship is right for you and your family.



Adoptions are sought for a variety of reasons, whether you are a step-parent wanting to establish a familial relationship with a step child, a same-sex couple wanting to add to their family, a sibling looking to step in as a parent for a younger brother or sister, or a grandparent who wants to assume custody and financial responsibility for a grandchild. No scenario for adoption is the same, and our experienced attorneys will help you decide if this legal process is appropriate for you and your family.



Mediation is a key component of any family law case, but may not be right for every person. We work with our clients to determine if mediation, settlement negotiations, or alternative dispute resolution are appropriate solutions for their individual issues.

For mediation cases, the parties work with a neutral mediator, who assists the parties in communicating their positions on specific issues to find common ground. Sometimes, the parties engage in multiple mediation sessions and can work together to reach an agreement outside of court & costly litigation.

Our office works closely with experienced mediators who assist the parties in crafting a mutually-agreeable resolution with little to no involvement with court.

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