If you are facing a misdemeanor charge - whether it is drug, violence, property-related, whatever - we are here to protect your rights, first and foremost. It's important to not only understand the circumstances of your alleged crime, but to further have awareness of your personal circumstances, as well. Our attorneys generally work with and for clients on all misdemeanor cases.

We also with our clients to resolve traffic tickets and attached fines. You don't have to settle for points on your record or an astronomical fine. Even if you have a suspended license, we can work to help reinstate your driving privileges. Let us represent you on your traffic ticket and we will work to get the best possible result.



Lotus Law firmly believes that every person is entitled to have her or his position represented and rights protected in court. We work with our clients from a holistic law and restorative justice approach to help secure a favorable decision in your case.



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Restorative Justice

Holistic law in the context of criminal justice is referred to "restorative justice." Restorative Justice is a different approach to those involved and affected by crime than our traditional judicial system provides. 

Restorative Justice helps victims, survivors, offenders, and communities to take a pro-active approach to the root causes of crime and engages all parties involved in the healing process after a crime has been committed, as appropriate.

Restorative Justice puts the victim or the victim’s family first and fully acknowledges the harm caused by the offender, while facilitating the offender in taking full responsibility for her or his actions by creating a direct or indirect dialogue with the victim, the victim’s family and/or the community. 

A restorative justice approach to criminal law seeks to support the victim and/or their family in expressing the harm done and fulfilling their needs as a result of the crime. 

Restorative justice expects the offender to take full responsibility for their actions and assists them in taking steps to find solutions to help heal the harm they have caused. Unlike the traditional judicial system, restorative justice acknowledges that crime effects the persons directly involved, as well as the community, whereas in the traditional justice system, crime is treated as an offense against the state (the "victim").

There is a common misconception that restorative justice equates to an admission of guilt, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Holistic law, through restorative justice, allows the offender the unique opportunity to restore her or his victim(s) and the community back into their original state.

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