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Our practice is built on three core values: diligent & competent legal representation, mindful & productive communication, and holistic practice of law. 

We handle a wide range of cases, from family law to criminal defense, trusts & estate planning to small business services. Schedule your free legal consultation over the phone today.

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Our firm is unique because we believe that our core values should inform how we focus on our practice areas; instead of letting our practice areas inform our priorities, our policies, and our personnel.

Anchored by the family of principles known as holistic law, we approach each legal issue with a wide-angled perspective. We strive to provide services that consider the whole person - their emotions, values, concerns, goals, particular family dynamics, and so much more. That means we not only guide our clients through the legal system - we also partner with our clients to develop unique solutions that can meaningfully resolve their unique circumstances.

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Our Story

From the nonprofit world to Big Law, our Founder Chelsea Merta has the experience to get you the best result possible. As a graduate of St. Louis University School of Law, Chelsea is focused on holistic legal services, coupled with a passion for community service & philanthropy.

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