Big Firm Experience, Public Service Values

Combining the holistic values of public service with big firm experience, we are rooted in three core values that shape the manner in which we handle our cases, settle legal disputes, and most importantly - treat our clients. We strive to be the highest quality legal counsel at a small firm cost. We work to make the legal system more accessible to our clients while not compromising on the standard of produce we deliver. 

Our practice is built on three core values: diligent & competent legal representation, mindful & productive communication, and holistic practice of law. Learn more about each value - and what holistic law is - below.

About Us

Diligent & Competent Legal Representation

Attorney Chelsea Merta and Lotus Law & Legal Services

Your attorney is ethically charged with providing you with in-depth legal analysis so that YOU can make the best decision. You will be advised of your options at every step of the case; the power is in YOUR hands.

We pride ourselves in being excellent communicators with our clients. You will not be kept in the dark while working with us and you will be advised of each step of the process & your options along the way.

Mindful & Productive Communication

Attorney Chelsea Merta and Lotus Law & Legal Services

The Big Firms charge you for each and every phone call, email, text message, letter, and correspondence that you receive - even if their messages don't contain anything useful or productive for your case. 

We are set apart because our communications with you are mindful of your needs and individual situation and are designed to move your case forward - productively.

Holistic Practice of Law

Attorney Chelsea Merta and Lotus Law & Legal Services

There should be more to attorney-client representation than just the legal aspect. 

Going through the justice system can be a traumatic experience for individuals & their families, and we are here to connect you to other services - besides legal representation - like counseling, mental health services, rehabilitation and addiction treatment, and alternate dispute resolution. We do not believe in limiting our attorney-client relationship to just the courtroom; we believe in helping individuals and their families transition into the chapter of their respective lives that just happens to have a legal component.

What is "Holistic Law"?

Each client and her or his respective situation is different. Our firm believes that understanding all of the circumstances surrounding the client's personal situation & legal concerns is important.  

To that end, our firm, while helping client achieve their specific legal goals in each case, also strives to honor and respect the dignity and integrity of each individual; to listen intentionally in order to gain complete understanding of our clients' needs; and to encourage compassion, reconciliation, forgiveness and healing wherever needed.  Whenever possible, we work with clients to achieve a non-litigated resolutions of any disputes that arise. We help our clients to find opportunity for resolution in the midst of conflict and encourage the use of mediation and/or collaborative law whenever appropriate. 

With this holistic perspective, experienced criminal defense, estate planning and family law attorney Chelsea Merta can work with clients to determine the most appropriate legal options available to them, including the collaborative law process, the "kitchen table" approach,mediation, and the traditional (and often more contentious) litigation process. Our responsibility is to ensure that our clients understand the pros and cons of each option as they apply to the client's unique situation and goals. Lotus Law clients are diligently informed so that they are best-positions to make the best decisions for themselves and their families as they enter a new chapter in their lives.